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US ‘Fake Superpower Image’ Collapsing: IRGC Chief

We have exercised authority.

The chief commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) referred to the ongoing developments in the United States, saying that the symbols reflecting Washington’s fake image of being a superpower are collapsing one after another.

By the grace of God, we are witnessing the rapid decline of our enemies, especially the United States,” Major General Salami said during a military ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday.

He said the scope of the US government’s crimes, which was previously hidden to the world, is now revealed, not only to the people around the world but also to the American nation.

The United States introduced itself with beautiful concepts, but the painful realities of American society that were hidden under such fake concepts are now being revealed,” he said, adding, “We can see that the American nation is now burning the US flag which rendered Washington’s fake image to the world.”

Saying that “Today, the face of the US government is like a broken dirty face,” the General added that when wisdom is not connected to power, the hatred will finally increase and burst out.

Salami also referred to the recent shipment of fuel to Venezuela despite the US threats, saying, “We are preparing to defend a living revolution that is breaking the backs of its enemies.”

We have exercised authority. The greatest exercise of our authority was to impose the will and moving our ships in the high seas from the Persian Gulf to Venezuela.”

Today, the Iranian nation is going through the peak of authority and dignity, and they are capable of tackling all challenges with their strong will and faith,” he concluded.


US ‘Fake Superpower Image’ Collapsing: IRGC Chief

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