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In the Month of Mercy, Saudi Preparing to Execute 14 Activists!

Although imprisoned in political jails, those activists appeared before ....

The Supreme Court in Riyadh ratified death penalty for 14 Shia activists from the eastern province of al-Qatif over charges of taking part in protests in 2011




The Saudi brutal sentence also comes in parallel with an ongoing siege of the Shiite town of al-Awamia in the province of al-Qatif since May 10. The area is populated by Shia majority and was put under siege in the wake of the residents' protests against the demolition of the historic al-Mosawara neighborhood for an alleged ‘development' project, which is indeed aimed at displacing the residents of the area by force.

Al-Ahed News


This merciless, inhumane and baseless sentence comes as Muslims all over the world celebrate the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the month of mercy and charity.

Although imprisoned in political jails, those activists appeared before the criminal court specialized in cases of ‘terrorism', which rights activists report that it is controlled by the Saudi interior ministry.

In parallel, any of them was allowed to appoint a lawyer, noting that all their confessions were under torture and abuse.

Sources reported that many of those imprisoned activists were taken to secret trial sessions without informing them ahead, or even telling their families to attend.
Meanwhile, their families are awaiting worriedly to learn at any moment that their sons were executed.

The names of the sentenced activists come as follows, noting that their ages range between 21 and 32:

1. Hussein Mohammad Al Muslim
2. Mohammad Mansour Al Nasser
3. Mostafa Ahmad Darwish
4. Fadhel Hassan Labbad
5. Said Mohammad Skafi
6. Salman Amin Al Quraish
7. Mujtaba Nader Sokeyt
8. Munir Abdullah Al Adam
9. Abdullah Salman Al Sarih
10. Ahmad Faisal Al Darwish
11. Abdul Aziz Hassan Al Sahwi
12. Ahmad Al Rabih
Hussein Hassan Al Rabih
14. Abdullah Hani Al Tarif

In the Month of Mercy, Saudi Preparing to Execute 14 Activists!

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